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Brand Ambassadors: Living the Dream

February 16, 2013

The article I chose for my Ah-ha moment was written by Howie Goldfarb, the vice president of marketing and corporate strategy at an integrated marketing and internet agency. Clearly with a position like his Mr. Goldfarb must know a lot about marketing, and because it is an internet agency I would be willing to bet he knows his way around social media. This became clear when I read his blog post “Dear Chobani: I Love You”.

Goldfarb’s article was an amusing anecdote that explained how he used social media to promote one of his favorite companies and how they, in turn, used his good press to their advantage. Goldfarb tweets to Chobani almost every day, he snaps pictures of the Chobani he is eating and tells everyone he meets how wonderful Chobani is. After a while of this good press Chobani took the hint and made Goldfarb a “Brand Ambassador”, a person who represents the face of the company they promote.

This blog post fascinated me because I didn’t realize there was such a thing as a Brand Ambassador. Clearly Mr. Goldfarb’s success was in part due to the fact that he is already quite famous on the internet so Chobani realized that all of his followers were receiving his good press about them and that they should preserve this good relationship. They send him treats and new flavors in return for him posting about his love of their product for all of his followers to see. It’s a genius way to market, getting a real person who is really passionate about their product seems like a fantastic way to convince the public to try them.

This article was fascinating to me in a few ways. The first, and probably most obvious is that I would love to be a Brand Ambassador! The second is that in my future profession, using the same approach to becoming a Brand Ambassador that Mr. Goldfarb used might help me to develop relationships with the companies that supply chemicals and other necessities to my lab. Having these relationships might make them more interested in my work and maybe give me better information on products or new items they think I might enjoy. Of course research companies won’t be as needy of social media marketing as food companies, but recommending a company to another researcher could be useful for me. Finally, this blog made me realize that what I tweet about really could be read. If I “@” mention a company name it is likely that my tweet will be read. This makes me realize even more that I should only mention things online that I would want someone else to see. I was already aware of this fact, and I try to make my twitter and instagram accounts representational of my happiest moments but it made me more aware that everything could have an impact, good or bad.

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  1. Nika - Social Media Class permalink

    Great posts. I really try to be careful about what I post as well. I’m a very active social media user, so it can be tricky to keep things professional at all times. One example I have of tweeting @ a company is Wendy’s. I got food poisoning from them and tweeted about it and included @wendy’s in it. Within 24 hours I received a tweet back asking if them could contact me. It was kind of cool actually.

    • That is really cool! I never really think that anything like that will happen, other than once I told cheez-it that I love them on their facebook and they told me we were one of a cheez kind. It made my day.

  2. nicoticolas permalink

    I think its really cool what Golfarb is doing. I mean he gets treats and flavors sent to him in return for his postings about Chobani. Personally, I usually make decisions based on customer reviews when it comes to consumer goods. I think its a great way to know about the product you’re buying!

  3. Awesome! That’s sweet was Golfarb did, he totally got himself a job by doing what he loved and telling people about it. That would be the job I would want!. He is definitely using Social Media the way it should be used!

  4. That’s awesome! I was eating Chobani for lunch and was actually just about to Tweet about how much I love Chobani. Being a brand ambassador sounds like the best job ever.

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