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“I F***ing Love Science”

February 25, 2013

I was looking for inspiration for my next blog post, usually my mom e-mails me interesting New York Times articles, or I see someone update their facebook status with a link to an article I’d like to read and these are the fodder I use for my blog posts. This week I haven’t gotten an e-mail or seen a status, so I decided to poke around on a facebook page that many of the status articles come from. When I got to the page, I decided that I would write this week’s blog on (and I apologize for the language) “I fucking love science” itself.

The idea for this facebook page was genius in my opinion. It is a page that takes really cool science articles and summarize them in a short status with a link attached. There is an “image of the day” and each week a status update titled “This week in Science in Technology” which is a link to the scientific news of the week.

This page is exactly what the scientific community needs. It relates to my first blog in which a friend of mine didn’t know anything about Darwin so he decided to reject his theories. Having a page dedicated to science on such a public and widely used website like facebook allows for many people to read about new technology and discoveries without having to read scientific papers or dull news articles. It is a link from every day society into the complex and occasionally boring world of a scientist.

It is easy to share links from this page, so all of your facebook friends if they so choose can read the same article that you found fascinating. I think that the title, despite its vulgarity, makes the page much more accessable because it is common vernacular that makes science seem less boring or scary and more fun and commonplace.

I am so excited that there is a webpage dedicated to making science cool again. This facebook page is like “Bill Nye the Science Guy” but for adults. I think it can only have a positive impact on the youth of the world and I am glad that it exists. I will certainly check it out each week and based on the “shares” by my facebook friends I know I am not the only one.

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