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Constant Contact Makes Me Remember You

February 26, 2013

The hardest part for me while writing this blog was deciding on my favorite brand or company. I went through a list of fashion I love, food stores that make me drool, and thought about writing about my favorite sports team. Of these things the only one with social media that I am aware of and have a personal interaction with is the Minnesota Vikings. However, because football season is over I didn’t want to look through draft posts and other offseason tweets that I don’t much understand.
I took a break from thinking about this assignment to check my e-mail and, in my inbox, was my weekly “Pink Nation” update. “Pink Nation” is the Victoria’s Secret clothing line, for those who are unfamilliar with the brand. I realized that Victoria’s Secret is one of the only companies that uses social media to keep up with me frequently, and it is because of this that my friends and I end up shopping there.
I am far from one of their best customers, I think that the last thing I purchased was a pair of sweatpants over a year ago. Yet, despite my infrequent visits I still get weekly e-mails and monthly coupons sent to my home. It was this realization of constant contact that made me choose them for this weeks blog. I checked out their twitter and facebook accounts and found even more exclusive deals and coupons.
They are very active in their social media, in almost every aspect I can think of. They send e-mails, they send real mail, they have a twitter facebook and pinterest. The last tweet was one hour ago, and before that there were six tweets two hours ago talking about the ‘red carpet look’ tonight and links to buy your own Victoria’s Secret red carpet fashion. Their last facebook post was a link to their perfume line, and on 2/18 they gave an exclusive 20% off code to facebook friends. Each link is posted next to a beautiful, yet PG picture of their models so that you understand what it is they are advertising. Their twitter has dedicated days to tweet questions to your favorite model and have her answer them.

I cant think of many things that Victoria’s Secret could do better through their social media. It appears that they are very active and engaged with their customers. When I began this post I was nervous that I would get upset responses because at least in my sheltered world Victoria’s Secret has been stigmatized because lingerie is racy. It seems that through their social media, though, they have chosen tasteful photos of their models and apparel. If I had a chance to work for them I would try to reach out to customers that wouldn’t normally think to shop with us. Perhaps I would suggest making some of our Pink items a little nerdier, like a Dr. Who Tardis shirt, then advertising that to Dr. Who lovers instead of Victoria’s Secret lovers.

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  1. Reblogged this on Bailey N. Griffith and commented:
    Hey Haley,
    I agree that VS does a really good job with this. I don’t follow them on FB or Twitter but I somehow still am always finding out about their sales and specials!

  2. Hey Haley,
    I agree that VS does a really good job with this! I don’t follow them on FB or Twitter but I still am always finding out about their sales and specials somehow!

  3. Nika - Social Media Class permalink

    I think the personal Twitter interaction with specific models is really cool and a great way to engage their followers.

  4. Being that I’m not aware of Victoria Secret’s brand identity, they do a really great job in engaging their customers. When I visited their FB page they had many coupons and discounts on their merchandise, something that any customer would enjoy. It would be a good place to look for when I buy my girlfriend gifts.

  5. Victoria’s Secret definitely is using social media to their advantage. I receive their weekly emails as well, and what I love best about those is the notifications of sales! Their facebook and Twitter page is a good tool, because even though one may recieve emails, if they don’t check their email, they’ll definitely check facebook or twitter, so they are covering their bases well. I also agree that VS has a lot more than just racy lingerie in their store.

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