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Extra Credit- Evangelism

February 26, 2013

Whether or not this blog will count for extra credit I have no idea. I have read both of Guy Kawasaki’s blogs on evangelizing a blog and am now in the process of watching his interviews, but seeing as the first interview is 27 minutes long and this extra credit is due in 24 minutes I won’t even finish watching the first video until after I’ve posted my blog. I think that his ideas of evangelism are very powerful in almost any aspect of social interaction. I believe that “enchantment” is something that every adult hoping to obtain their dream job must believe in. The reason someone has a “dream job” is because it is something they are passionate about, this passion should make it easy for them to evangelize their products and their business.

I was confused by Kawasaki’s use of the term evangelism at first. I googled the definition of evangelism and found that every definition (I only looked at the first two) described evangelism as the preaching of Christianity and it’s gospel. I understand now that he was saying that one should be as passionate and have as much belief and respect for their company as others do for their religion. Wars have begun over religion, it is a constant topic of conversation and is referenced at least once every day. If people feel as strongly about their company and their product as they do about their religion then no one will be able to dispute the superiority of the company (unless two people feel that strongly and then I suppose wars could start.. ).

Using these ideas in social media mean that every commercial, every blog, every tweet has to have that same amount of passion and honest belief. To continue posting with the same enthusiasm each time the social marketing rep must really believe in their company, no one can keep a facade going with that much energy for more than a few weeks; without passion and faith in a company a rep would slip up at least once, and the clients would notice.
I would build a strong group of supporters by constant contact. I loved Kawasaki’s advice on e-mailing, he claims that “spamming” is e-mailing anyone who has never e-mailed you before. I think that is brilliant, because I know that I immediately delete e-mails from addresses I don’t recognize. The first step should be to e-mail people who already know you, to get them hooked on your product and then to have them e-mail people they know. Let the word spread through natural interactions not forced “spamming” actions. This relates to my earlier blog “Constant Contact Makes Me Remember You” where Victoria’s Secret keeps me on an e-mail and snail mail list and through constant contact I support them, I blog about them, and I recommend their brand to all of my friends.

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