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The Many Uses of #Twitter

March 10, 2013

Twitter has a diverse set of users and many applications that are profitable for each user. I have been a part of Twitter since October of 2009. I graduated high school in May of 2009 and as all of my best friends moved to different schools around the country it became clear that we needed a quick and easy way to communicate. We made a Facebook group that only the twelve of us could see, but this was back in the day when phones didn’t have internet on them and so communication while easy, was never quick. Group text messages had a limit of eight people to a group and since “The Hunger Games” hadn’t yet been written, cutting four friends out of the group wasn’t an option. It was then that we decided to make Twitter accounts and link them to our phones. We could follow one another and allow Twitter to text us the notifications when each other tweeted.

We kept private information to ourselves, but it was nice being connected with one another for the little things. We knew when each friend was happy or sad and we could use their tweets to figure out if they needed a call or a text message. Twitter kept us close when we were very far away.For the first year or so of my time on Twitter I only followed my close friends, eventually I began to add bands that would be performing in my area or celebrities that I enjoyed.

David Carr, in his article “Why Twitter Will Endure” makes Twitter sound as though it is a huge breakthrough and business tool. I had never thought of it that way and I guess simply put, Twitter is what you make it. I use my account to tweet silly quotes from my friends or let them know that I had an amazing day. Carr uses Twitter to check up on news events and business personnel. I think both of our usages of the website are idea for what we need. I agree with him that Twitter is lovely in that sense because unless I choose to follow him I don’t have to read his business mumbo jumbo and he doesn’t have to be bothered with the fact that UNM’s Navajo club raised the prices of their Indian Tacos.

While the pricing of Indian Tacos doesn’t concern David Carr, @RockysFrybread uses Twitter to look for potential customers by searching #indiantaco, yet another use for Twitter. This company used Twitter to find me in 2011 when I complained about increased prices and told me that if I was ever in California to give them a visit. Today, nearly two years later, I tweeted them to ask if their offer is still good. It is because of the versatility of Twitter that I agree with David Carr, Twitter will endure and remain profitable for years to come.

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  1. I totally agree with you, that Twitter is what you make of it. I use Twitter for everything form posting silly things, to reaching out to clients and making new friends around the world. I think it’s the bet communication invention since cell phones.

  2. I enjoy using Twitter much more than Facebook. I feel that there is more engagement with Twitter than Facebook by using the hashtags, which I find fun and useful.

  3. I totally agree with you that Twitter is what you make of it. It is a dynamic tool that can be used however you wish, as a picker upper to post funny, or inspirational quotes, or to be business minded and keep track of trends.

  4. Haha! I love that you found an Indian Taco company on Twitter! I remember when Twitter first became popular as we were graduating high school — I actually remember my friends and I Tweeting at each other during our graduation ceremony! But you’re very right in saying Twitter is what you make it. It, like much of social media, is an increasingly versatile medium but I think it will continue to be what you want it to be.

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