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PeopleWater Power Players

April 2, 2013

As I wrote last week, World Water Day was March 22. This is very useful to my company because this day was all about bringing awareness to the world water crisis and trying to get people interested in the crisis especially through social media. I think that by using the Twitter search function and searching the keyword “worldwaterday” I will be able to find a lot of important social media presences that are interested in the same things as the company I am auditing. Other important keywords will be the company name itself, PeopleWater. Searching for the brands and products we offer such as clean water, wells, water bottles, reusable water bottles, and charity will allow us to look for individuals who might be looking for us. People who talk about the specialized products and campaigns the company offers such as drop for drop already know about the company and are therefore likely to be interested in the company and can be useful in deciding which platforms are best for PeopleWater. Jef Holm and Cody Barker may also be important key words as they co founded the company. We will also search for any abbreviations or misspellings of the aforementioned keywords.

Jef Holm, co founder of PeopleWater, appears to be the biggest power user. He uses Twitter to connect with PeopleWater and to get the news for his company out to more followers. Many other potential power users appear to be workers for the company who really believe in the cause. Ordinary people like these employees can be useful because their passion for the company comes because they believe they are working for a good cause which followers are likely to be interested in. PeopleWater has gotten many celebrities to indorse their company by posing for Instagram and Twitter photoshoots. These celebrities are huge power players because people know them and often want to be like them so they are more willing to listen to celebrities explaining why it is a good cause. The final power player I would like to talk about probably has less followers than any of the others I’ve mentioned. However, she plays a huge roll for the PeopleWater organization by being the leader of the PeopleWater campaign for the NMSU campus. Her name is Jordan Lohkamp and she is a power player that I will be focusing a lot of my time and efforts on because not only is she important for the company, I can interview her and get a closer behind-the-scenes look at what goes on on her social media.

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  1. I feel like I’ve heard of Jef Holm outside of PeopleWater so he must be an actual power user.

  2. I look forward to you getting more detailed information on the organization through Jordan Lohkamp, that will be very productive! I think that some of the keywords you listed are truly good keywords, however “charity” might be a little broad, because there are a lot of other charities out there.

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