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Social Media Strategy: People Water

April 8, 2013


People Water is getting a lot of attention from college aged people. While this is a great start for a company, many college students don’t have the time or money to care about a charity project. This is why I am suggesting that People Water make their goal to use social media to increase attention from an older range of people by 10% in the next six months.

To achieve this goal, People Water should look at the number of social media followers they have now and divide them into age categories (ie <30, 30-40, >40). Next, they should measure the number of leads obtained in the next six months focusing on increases in the 30-40 range. Comparing the number of new leads in the 30-40 range to the number they started with will allow them to track the percentage-wise increase due to their strategy.

I would suggest advertising to the “soccer mom” group. These parents, both moms and dads, are usually between 30 and 40 years old and have the money, time, and inclination to invest in People Water. They often have to provide refreshments for the teams anyway, so why not have them buy water from a company that donates to charity?

The number one tactic for this strategy is promotion! People Water should skew their advertisements to parents with children who regularly attend sporting functions. They should blog, post, and tweet about how their product can be used at sporting events as a replacement for store brand water. They could even put out a promotion like a special code that gave free shipping to parents buying in bulk for their child’s team.

Secondly, People Water needs to create a new persona that the parents can identify with. As is, People Water uses their Instagram and Facebook to post pictures of twenty-somethings participating in sporting events. They need to take pictures of young children drinking their water at sporting events and the proud parents who have provided their children with the water. This persona should tell a story, giving background of who the child is (if the parent gives permission) what their sport is, whether they won the game and that even if they lost they played hard and deserve praise. This persona would reward and honor People Water’s greatest fans by showcasing the parents who purchase water and their hard working kids who drink it. They could also send “thank you’s” to participating parents, giving an explanation of which community their specific purchase brought water to. Because “thank you’s” can be time consuming and not very environmentally friendly, People Water could create a blog link that was dedicated only to thanking their customers.

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