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NMSU PeopleWater History

April 19, 2013

The PeopleWater branch at New Mexico State University was started in the fall semester of 2012 by a junior student named Jordan Lohkamp who is majoring in film. She created a Facebook page specific to her university’s branch on October 19th, 2012.

To become a PeopleWater Campus Ambassador Jordan had to fill out a “Work With Peeps Questionnaire Form” on the PeopleWater website. She had to give her name, contact information, the school she attended, her status at that school, and in a paragraph or two answer why it was that she wanted to become a Campus Ambassador. After Jordan was appointed as the New Mexico State representative PeopleWater shipped her stickers and pamphlets that she could spread around campus to help spread the word of their company.

On October 26th, 2012 Jordan set up her first tabling event on the NMSU campus where she gave away stickers and pamphlets, sold PeopleWater, and recruited individuals who were equally as passionate about her cause. That same day she received a coupon code that was specific for aggies that gave them a discount on water and merchandise from the PeopleWater website. She posted this code to facebook and told people about it as they visited her table.

She tried to spark interest in the organization by promising to post pictures on the NMSU PeopleWater Facebook page if they included PeopleWater merchandise. The Facebook page quickly became busy with pictures of people from all over NMSU campus sporting the PeopleWater look. She also updated the Facebook page with current events from the company’s main page, so that the NMSU page was well connected to the company it was representative of.

Jordan has continued to post frequently to the NMSU PeopleWater Facebook page. She keeps a stack of PeopleWater stickers and pamphlets on her desk at her room and has all of her tumblers, thermoses, and water bottles decked out in PeopleWater stickers. She says these things are good conversation starters and that many people ask her about the organization which allows her to tell them about the Facebook page so that they can get more information.

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