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PeopleWater in Social Media

April 21, 2013


The New Mexico State University’s PeopleWater Facebook page was created to encourage interaction between university students and the organization. The page gives dates to events, links and coupon codes for promotions, and encourages interaction by posting photos of active PeopleWater affiliates.

Unfortunately, the page seems to have fewer NMSU specific posts, and therefore fewer interactions, on it than when it was first created. The most recent post was April 14, 2013 which is less than a week old. However, this post and the four posts before it were all links to the main company and the promotions that the international PeopleWater organization was holding. The last post that had content directly related to the Aggies was on February 22, 2013 in which a photo of a student with a PeopleWater water bottle was uploaded to the page. I think that more interactions that directly relate to Aggies will encourage more students to check the Facebook page more often and perhaps to share events and promotions which will then allow their friends to check out the page as well. To accomplish an influx of Aggie related content the NMSU branch of PeopleWater might want to consider electing a social media representative. If the organization is run like a club, people will be happy to be elected to positions of power and this could decrease the amount of responsibility the campus representative has so that she can focus on the promotions around school while the social media representative focuses on promotions online.

Though the page has fewer Aggie specific events and posts, they have been very good about updating the page frequently with photos, promotions, and reminders from the national organization. Constant contact is a great way to keep students thinking about the PeopleWater organization and wanting to help with the cause. Jordan has promised to post photos of any students with their people water gear which is a great incentive to have gear and post photos of yourself with it which in turn will spark interest in other students. I think another way for the NMSU branch of PeopleWater to gather more followers would be to create a twitter which is an easy way for people to get updates about campus events. Twitter can be linked to Instagram which would be an easier and faster way for people to upload pictures of themselves with PeopleWater gear.

Overall the Facebook page appears to be doing pretty well, it has forty-four likes which seems like a lot for a new campus organization. People interact with the page both through their statuses and through posting pictures of themselves. Perhaps they could amp up interest by electing a social media representative and catering more events and posts directly towards Aggies and by branching out into new social media venues like Instagram and Twitter.

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