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The Beauty of PeopleWater

April 21, 2013


This is the NMSU specific logo for the campus PeopleWater.


Jordan Lohkamp is the Campus Representative for the NMSU branch of PeopleWater. She started the branch in October of 2012 and it has blossomed from there. Here she is promoting PeopleWater at a campus tabling event.


The NMSU PeopleWater Facebook page gives “shoutouts” to students who represent the organization around campus. If you take a photo of your PeopleWater gear Jordan will post it to the Facebook page.


Jordan does a great job of responding to people who are interested in her organization in a timely manner.


Not only does the NMSU page promote activities and promotions for NMSU students, they use national promotions from the PeopleWater organization to increase interest in the organization and to keep the Aggies up to date on good PeopleWater deals.



These are the stickers and pamphlets given to Jordan by the PeopleWater organization. As a Campus Representative she is able to give them out for free to spark interest in the organization. These were sent to me so I can use them when I interview UNM students about PeopleWater.


**Note this blog was supposed to be posted 4/25/2013 but Ms. Lohkamp is out of town and is unable to attend the 4/22/2013 Q&A this week.


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