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How PeopleWater Changed Me

May 3, 2013

ImageChoosing PeopleWater as the local organization for my final project has been eye opening. Jordan has been part of the organization for over a year now and while I was always very proud of her and interested in her cause, I never really thought about the company further than that.

On day one of this project, as I looked into the social media of PeopleWater I realized that it was a very powerful idea and an organization with the potential to change many lives. As I thought about the company in a more local sense I realized that personal communication with the leaders and ambassadors was essential to spreading the word. I thought that people would know about the company from the Bachelor or social media, but as I interviewed people on campus I realized that many people were unaware that PeopleWater even existed.

While there were very few people that had heard of PeopleWater, everyone I spoke to said it sounded like a good cause and they would be interested in learning more about it. I am graduating this semester and unfortunately don’t have the opportunity to bring PeopleWater to UNM, but a friend of mine, Tanya, has a semester left at UNM and says that she would be interested in becoming an campus ambassador. We’ve been talking a lot about the organization as I’ve worked on my project and Tanya’s interest grew as mine did.

I am so excited to have had this little impact on the prosperity of PeopleWater at UNM. I believe that because I am friends with Tanya if she is appointed to be the PeopleWater Campus Ambassador for UNM I can help her by giving her my social media audits and other information that I have collected about the organization to help it succeed on our campus. I look forward to watching this program grow in the future and I think that it will because it has so many opportunities to spread the word.


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