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PeopleWater A Project in the Making

May 5, 2013


This is the first interview that I had with PeopleWater NMSU Campus Ambassador, Jordan Lohkamp. During this Facetime call she offered to send me packet of stickers and pamphlets for my project.


While I waited for Jordan’s package, I researched PeopleWater through their Facebook, Twitter, and company page.


Later that same week Henry cat and I went to check the mail and we found that Jordan’s package had arrived!


This is the contents of what Jordan sent to me. I took these to UNM with me after I interviewed people about their knowledge of PeopleWater.


These are some of the people that had heard of PeopleWater (yay!).


And these are some of the people that had not heard of PeopleWater.


It took a ton of tries for me to feel comfortable on camera.


But, despite my fear of videos and my awkward interview attempts, I ended up with a very interesting project, a greater knowledge of a powerful organization, and was able to inform more people around the UNM campus about a good cause.


Thanks to everyone who helped and participated in this project. I hope that UNM gains a Campus Ambassador and that my working on this project helped PeopleWater gain a few more customers.




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